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» Registration castration «

I had to completely disable the registration script because of the incessant spam scripts. It's really annoying to see a new member a day that will just need to be deleted later. This means the forum is now read only in a way. Unless some old users decide to come back for some insane reason and can somehow remember their passwords!

If for some reason you would like to actually use the forum then you can email me directly for access. It's not hard to find my email address.

Posted on:1:07 pm on June 28, 2007
» My time away «

I know I said I was going to post more, but I haven't. You can call me a rat bastard.

My time away is not entirely my fault. I moved into a condo I just purchased and due to some mix-up at PacBell (somebody didn't know what the hell they were talking about) I've been without an internet connection for a few weeks. It will be another week still before DSL is set up again on the 10th. I'm making this announcement while I'm at work and I shouldn't be (I'm a bad boy).

I'll be back.

Posted on:3:37 pm on Dec. 3, 2001
» Some changes «

I've added a new tech forum per request, aptly named Tech Talk. Anything of the techno realm can be discussed in there to include computer hardware, programming, engineering, web design, etc.

I've also removed some old unvisited forums that were taking up browser space.

Posted on:12:21 am on Sep. 21, 2001
» the Pile! «

You'll notice I've added a new folder for your enjoyment. It's called "the Pile"! I'm trying to do what I can to help you release and I hope you can help me in return

Do what you want in the Pile: spam, chat, whatever, we won't care. That's what it's there for anyway.

The only thing we do ask of you now is that you only post meaningful topics in the other folders. Keep the completely off-topic, silly, chat stuff in the Pile. Use your best judgement. If you're in another folder and you think your next post might belong in the Pile, then hold onto that thought and don't post it, move your arse over to the Pile and let it go (literally).

Posted on:5:21 pm on July 13, 2001
» Huge breakthrough! «

If you like emoticons anyway You might be pleased that I've created a new routine for the emoticons display. The emoticon window should pop up like before, but emoticons will now display dynamically when selected from a list box. The concept was taken from the avatar selection in the profile and register scripts. I stayed up late tonight to get this script working. Fortunately, it only took me 3 hours to figure out what was going on in the avatar code and apply the knowledge to create the new emoticon code. I'm very pleased with this solution as everyone should now be able to open the emoticons window. It displays perfectly in my browser, hopefully it will work on all of your's too!

Posted on:2:06 am on June 27, 2001
» Best viewed at 800 x 600 with Internet Explorer 5 or Netscape 6 «

There are too many inconsistencies between the different browsers, between different versions of browsers, between browsers on different operating systems, that I need to make a disclaimer. View the webpage and forums preferably in IE5, but if you are a diehard Netscape user then go with Netscape 6. These browsers seem to work the best with the forum scripts.

(Of course, all this is subjective because I'm sure their is a version of Netscape on Linux or something that won't work correctly with the forum. Oh well.)

Posted on:1:41 pm on June 9, 2001
» Cache flush «

If you or your friends are having problems viewing and/or posting in the forums, you should either delete the cookie for the "old" forum - http://www.holybuffalo.f2s.com, or you could try "flushing" your cache files. The old cookie seems to interfere with the new forum. The cookie needs to be deleted so the new forum can set a new cookie.

Posted on:5:00 pm on May 26, 2001
» The move «

It should be obvious that the site has moved to a new server and we have a new domain name. We are now located at http://holybuffalo.com Yay! The server Holy Buffalo is now hosted on has a faster connection speed (at least for me). They have an OC-12 connection to 3 internet backbones. They claim their connection speed is faster than a T-3.

Despite the need for total reorganization of the files, the move went very smoothly. Luckily, I only needed to modify a few files to get the links pointing to the right place. The only part that is missing now is the database that is hosted on f2s. I built it so it could be accessed and written to by a few scripts I've been working on for the Reviews area of the site. Unfortunately, I can't rebuild the tables in the new database until this new host gives me access. *waiting anxiously*

Posted on:12:06 am on May 23, 2001
» Server side cookies «

You may have noticed two new options on the lower menu bar, "Save" and "Restore". The options on this bar are there only after you login. If you were still a guest the only thing you would see is "Log in" and "Register" so these options are more specific to your account. But I digress, by clicking on the "Save" link you can save your last visit and messages read cookie to the server. By clicking on the "Restore" link you will restore the cookie settings that were saved on the server to whatever browser you might be using.

For example, this will allow anyone to save their cookie from their personal computer to the server and if at a later time they were on another computer they could log in to the BB then set the cookie in that browser by clicking on the restore link. I've tested it in IE 5 on the Mac and Windows and it works fine in both.

Posted on:10:02 am on May 16, 2001
» Web content: where is it? «

I'm pretty satisfied with the bulletin board setup now. There isn't much more for me to do to it. I have a folder with some new avatars that I want to add, there are only 2 more mods to do to the scripts, one css layout to test, but overall I think it looks pretty good. Hopefully, those of you that have been around have seen the red layout and black layout, so I'd like some comments about which one you think looks better.

For now, I think I would like to start working on the actual content of the webpage. I was working on an article for the main news page, but completing it has been delayed. I hope to finish it soon. I would also like to get some reviews finished for that section of the page. The idea is to have a page open in the left frame with as many different links to areas that any one of us might have an opinion about. "Music" of all types, "Games" of all types, "Sports" you get the idea, "Books", "Computer Hardware", "Electronics", ... Clicking on an area will open another frame (in the future, as more reviews are written, a different menu system will be used, more like a popup menu of sorts.) The review itself will open in the main page.

If anyone wants to submit a review to display in the webpage, let me know. I will give full credit when placing it in the page. Please be aware that I may have to edit it: formatting so it conforms to the site design, removal of spelling errors or typos, correction of grammatical errors. A review should be long enough to give an accurate opinion of the product, but not too long that it loses the reader's interest. Anywhere from 500-1000 words. Use your best judgement when writing a review that is longer or shorter than that range. If the review is about an item that contains video (video games, movies, webpages, possibly sports and electronics) then screenshots should also be included.

I don't want to seem like I'm going to be too critical about the reviews. I just want to make sure they are good quality and that it took some effort to write them. What I really don't want to see: "Onimusha Warlords:  This game had waaay too much hype. I think it really suck a lot though. You know what I mean?"

Posted on:1:18 am on April 23, 2001
» New, new stuff! «

I made a lot of changes in the scripts. The posts have a new layout, which I think looks pretty good and clean. Once you make a post, you'll notice that there are some new options to choose from while making a post. It's a code button hack that I modified a little. I want to change it a bit more so it's even easier to use, but that will have to wait until I find out how. Oh, and the text area where you enter your message has been expanded also.

I've also uploaded a bunch of new emoticons and I plan on figuring out how to break the emoticon page into seperate pages so it's easier to load. Let me know if there are some emoticons in there that don't display correctly so I can fix or remove them.

Posted on:2:43 am on April 22, 2001
» Avatar mod complete «

I've added the custom avatar mod to the board. It actually modifies several scripts so it was pretty complicated and took 2 hours to complete. If you enter your profile, you will notice an immediate change to the layout: the avatar selection has been moved to the top and there are some new options within the list. Take a look.

If you decide to make a custom avatar for yourself then save it with your exact username (case sensitive!) and either use the messenger and post the url for me or upload it to the server. I will place the image where it needs to be so you (and you alone) can select it from the avatar menu in your profile. Please be sure to make any custom avatars 64 pixels in height and width (64 x 64).

Posted on:4:00 am on April 21, 2001

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